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Hibis Chinese Herb Sanitary Pad 41.5cm

RM 15.00 RM 22.00

Hibis Chinese Herb Sanitary Pad 41.5cm

hibis herbal sanitary napkins

herbal sanitary napkins brand HIbis

hibis herbal sanitary pads

herbal sanitary pads brand hibis

top sales hibis herbal sanitary napkins

1. Ultimate soft velvety top sheet: Smooth & silky like, accompany you during the anxious period.

2. Breathable back sheet: With fine ventilation reduces stuffy feeling & releases bored mood. Comfortable anytime.

3. Traditional Chinese herbs: Added with fundamental Chinese herbs. Anti-bacterial formula & neutralize odors.

4. Patented herbal chip: TW Patented Nano-release technology makes the health factors release slowly and prevent skin irritation.

5. Relieve the discomfort & nourish: Composition of Chinese mugwort, Angelica sinensis, Cnidium monnerii, Cyperus rotundus, Leonurus japonicus, with their pharmacological properties to relieve the discomfort & improve body reactivity.

6. Super absorption & locks the fluid: Absorption of 300ml, give you a long-lasting clean and dry feeling.

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